Comprehensive Engineering Solutions



We are an experienced company which will professionally take care of a whole supply chain process for You. We can serve you with advice and help, basing on our huge experience on the market. Starting from the design project, ending up on ready product, delivered and assembled on site within established deadlines. Until now we have supplied materials on numerous projects – steel halls, warehouses and industrial buildings.


lower costs for your company

The globalization of large corporations has allowed them to reap the benefits of lower labor and materials costs while still selling the same quality and quantity of products.

stimulation of a global economy

In an open economy as more goods and services are purchased from other countries, the wealth of those economies increases.

increased consumer base

The wealth of economies increases so it creates the capacity for increased spending, allowing customers and businesses to purchase goods and services.


Our goal is to provide professional services within established budget and deadlines. We offer comprehensive service from the design project till assembly on site. Mainly, we take care of ordering and supplying materials, specifically  steel constructions, sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheets, aluminum and all sorts of constructions and cladding of industrial buildings.


We are a company which will comprehensively lead you through the whole process of ordering construction materials for your projects. Serve with advice and help, basing on our huge experience on the market. Starting from the design project, finding best contractors, gathering best offers, ending up on transportation and logistics matters.

Time is money – we know it. That is why we will help you save it, by taking over the scopes we know a lot about. Thanks to us you save both your time and money, because we will gather most beneficial offers from trustworthy contractors.

You can adjust the range of our services to your needs. We can be with you since the very base concept of the building, ending up with assembly on site. You can also hire us only for material scope.

Let us help in building Your dreams.

We are here to build Your future.

Marcin Bochenski

Managing Director

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